A Wisdom Wrap From Ecclesiastes

So. what did you think of Ecclesiastes?

Did you find, along with so many other readers, teachers, and sages, that this is indeed one of the most difficult books of the Bible?

And, did you find that for those who stay with it, there is a richness of insight that is incredibly profound for our cultural season?

Ecclesiastes is a search for wisdom about: wisdom, pleasure, purpose, meaning, justice and injustice, wealth and poverty, governance and leadership, time, love, family, friends, work, evil and suffering, and above all, what is God up to in the world concerning all those things?

Wisdom Bytes from Ecclesiastes

Here are the most important wisdom bytes that are the best take-aways from Ecclesiastes.

Everything is heVAL. Everything is riddle wrapped in puzzle, inside ENIGMA. Everything is a messy mystery. Everything. Learn to be okay with heVAL.

The reality is heVAL and hope go hand in hand. They are not mutually exclusive. In fact, if there was no heVAL in life, we would not need hope.

Time is the beautiful burden God has laid on humanity.  We have eternity in our heart as we live in time. We have immensity in our heart as we live in a place. It is a beautiful burden. That is not going to change.

Life is a bell curve. You will live at different parts of the bell curve at different times in your life.

Life is composed of minor key music and major key music. Both have their place. Learn to sing both melodies.

Wisdom is knowing what to do and WHEN to do it. The right thing at the wrong time becomes the wrong thing. Get the timing right to live wisely.

Wisdom is knowing where things go or getting the right thing in the right place. The right thing in the wrong place becomes the wrong thing. Above all, no thing (nothing) other than God should be at the center of your life. Anything else in that place is now wrong. In fact, it is an idol.

The main thing is to keep the main thing the main thing.

Since all of life is heVAL, be sure to SEIZE THE DAY (Carpe Diem). The simple things in life are the good gifts God has given to you for your joy, happiness, and delight. Receive them as gifts from God.

In the end, fear (revere, honor) God AND keep the commandments (the theological and spiritual realities for how life works). That's wisdom.

That's my take-away.
That's how I need to live.
That's the way of wisdom.
As we  follow those Wisdom Bytes, we'll be on the right track.

June is over and so is Ecclesiastes and its existential and theological wisdom about the great things of life.

The Teacher has taken us a long way, but we have much farther to go.

The Teacher whetted our wisdom appetite, but we are still hungry. Therefore, we now move to the Psalms, with their even greater spiritual wisdom. The Psalms are spiritual wisdom about WHO God is, WHAT life with God is like, and HOW to grow deeper in that life.

Even if you have vacation in July (and I have some time off in July) follow the sermons by Livestream or watch them later on our app, website, or YouTube channel. Follow the devotional readings through the Psalms (see the new feature on our app).

And may the grace of God be with you as you pursue wisdom with all your might.

Pastor Brian