Doing Life Together is vital to the well-being of the Church. Jesus called Christians to gather, break bread, engage with the church, and reach out to impact others by sharing the good news of Christ. At Living Word, LifeGroups are designed to fulfill the mission of Christ in community. We do this by:

Connecting with One Another

Enjoying each other’s company is an important part of healthy group dynamics. Spending time together in service, worship, outreach, celebration, and so much more builds a strong community.

Growing Together in Christ

Through developing the spiritual practices of studying the Scriptures, prayer, and meditation, we find freedom and wholeness in Christ.

Serving at Living Word

 Jesus calls us to engage in the mission and vision of the church--to be ALL IN regarding our words and deeds.

Reaching Others for Jesus

As we move beyond the comfort of our family, our home, and our circle of friends, we fulfill the greatest call on our lives: to love God and love others.


Groups typically meet every week or every 2 weeks for 90 minutes to 2 hours. While most groups meet less during the holidays and over the summer, your group schedule may vary to meet the needs of your group.

In-Person Groups: Most groups meet in the homes of the members; however, you may also meet at Living Word if room is available. To make room reservations, please contact us at

Online LifeGroups: If you need assistance with setting up online Zoom sessions, we can provide you with instructions. 

LifeGroups meet to share life, study the Scriptures, engage with the ministry of Living Word, and reach out to the community. The groups Facilitator(s) provides the following:
• Guiding the Group Discussion, so that each member contributes and connects well
• Coordinating the Serve & Reach Opportunities and Group Gatherings
• Caring for the Group Needs through prayer and other manners of group support

• By Signing up for a Group during Fall Registration.

• By Attending Rooted: This 9-week Mid-Size Community offers you the opportunity to meet people in your Life Stage and to form a NEW LifeGroup.
• By Gathering People You Know: Group Cohesion, that is the stickiness that keeps groups together, centers around our shared interests, starting with our love of God and of others. Consider inviting your friends to start a LifeGroup.

Our Sunday Message-Based Devotionals and Groups Discussion Questions are available above.

• Through Connections on Living Word's Webpage: Connections
• Through the Connections mobile app: LEAD (Search your mobile device's app store for: Church Community Builder LEAD and download.)