Your Own Wisdom Notebook

As we are starting the new series on Proverbs the first Sunday in August. Here is an idea I wish I would have given to you at the beginning of our Summer of Wisdom, but it is never too late to start using it.

Start Your Own Personal Wisdom Lessons I Have Learned Notebook

I have a number of notebooks I use on a regular basis.

I have a large journal notebook (8.5" x 11") where I do ongoing writing and note-keeping on the theme of leadership.

I have another large journal notebook where I do the same on the theme of politics, American history, citizenship, and the biblical and ethical perspectives on those themes.

I have a mid-size notebook (5" x 8")  that I use for recording ongoing ideas on topics of interests.

And finally, I have a small notebook (3.5" x 5.5") where I use one page to jot down the essence of a wisdom lesson. And since I have a little more space on a page, I often add another sentence or two. But this small wisdom lessons notebook is really important.

I keep this little notebook on the table beside my favorite reading chair, which is where I do my devotional work (usually) and most of my reading. It is where I do some of my best lifelong learning.

And from time to time, God hits me with a ZINGER. You know what that is--it's when a powerful thought grabs my mind and heart. It is a wisdom nugget that I know matters, so I jot it down in a few words.

Ignatius of Loyola (see the Daily Examen) had a belief that the most powerful learning we do is the learning of self-discovery. It is one thing for you to hear from a teacher a great idea. And we seek to deliver the most powerful ideas we can. But Ignatius knew the most powerful ideas that have the deepest and longest impact are those we discover for ourselves.

The Apostle Paul was original on this and talked about it as the illuminating, enlightening work of God's Spirit, that takes a Word from God and imprints it on our awareness. Of course, what you do with that Word will make all the difference.

But a good place to start, so that Spirit-initiated Word will make a difference, is to slow down, be aware of it, jot it down, and then reflect on it.

My little wisdom journal is easy to use and a great resource to look back through.

Why don't you start your own wisdom notebook in August as we move through Proverbs?

Blessings and Grace,
Pastor Brian
P.S. Here is a picture of my little wisdom notebook.