Too Much ALONE Is Not a  Good Thing

On November 23rd I read a short  news article by Bryce Ward: "Americans are Choosing to be Alone."

Time with friends has been on the decline.
Time alone is on the rise.

Here are a few of the stats he provided.

Our time with friends was already on the decrease even BEFORE COVID hit. COVID just made it worse--much worse.

Between 2010-2013 our time with friends stayed pretty consistent. We had 6.5 hours a week with friends.

By 2019 the average time was 4 hours per week! Remember, this is prior to COVID. That is a 37% decline in 5 years.

During the pandemic our time dropped again.

In 2021 the average American spent 2 hours and 45 minutes with friends--2.7 hours per week.

R.E.M. sang "Losing My Religion." Maybe the song should be "Losing My Friends."

Bryce Ward said these stats hold true across all demographics, but it was staggering among teenagers.

From 2013-2021, the age group 15-19 spent 64% less time with their friends.

Another stat says that 35% of Americans say that participating in large gatherings and even in-person socializing has become less important for them since the pandemic.

In Genesis, God said, "It isn't good for man (or woman) to be alone." God hasn't changed his mind on that one.

I have some strong introvert tendencies. I can enjoy being alone, especially when I have things I enjoy doing.

But I LOVE being with people and NEED to be with people. So do you.

This Christmas season do what you can to increase your TOGETHER WITH FRIENDS TIME.

Be aware that there are many alone and lonely people out there. Be alert for opportunities to connect and befriend, or be a friend.

Discouragement, depression, and anxiety are made worse when you isolate.

You are made for people.
You are a SOCIAL being.
That is what one of our core four words is--CONNECT.

Living Word is here to help you connect.

Pastor Brian Rice