7 Practices for a New Year

A few days ago, I posted this encouragement on my Instagram and Facebook pages. Here it is for the Living Word community who reads the church blog.

And may our 2023 be a year of good news of grace and truth, changing us and using us for God's beautiful Kingdom.

The Seven Practices

You don't have to implement all of them right away. Start with one or two of them, get some traction and movement, and then add others. You have the entire year ahead of you to form new habits of the heart.

A healthy body makes for a healthy person. Don't get bogged down in guilt or denial, but a large percentage of Americans are out of shape, overweight, and the numbers that matter - blood pressure, cholesterol, sugar levels, body fat - are all trending in the wrong direction.

I spent the final 4 months of 2022 dealing with injury and illness and my exercise routines were terrible. I saw myself deteriorate physically month by month. And so did my mood! Time to get the routines back.

Living Word does all we can to get you resources that help you go deeper every day of the week, starting with the Sunday message. We have printed copies and our devotional resource is always on the church app.

Spend time with Jesus in the Word, praying, listening...

Lifelong learning is a core value.

The world around us is complex, issues are challenging, and it needs thoughtful Christians who are becoming wise and discerning. That means learning must be a priority.

In December I did a post on how loneliness is growing and friendships are in decline. Find some people and start to do REAL life together.

If you want to get into a Life Group, find Brenda Wilbur on our STAFF PAGE and email her.

I only have one question: Why would anyone not want to do their job better and add more value to the world around them?

All you need to do in 2023 is focus on one person. You don't have to change the world. You don't have the time, energy, or anything else to do that.

But you can make a BIG difference in the life of just one other person.

I am thinking of someone outside your family and friend circle. This is you REACHING OUT as one of the missional servants of Jesus.

Pray... look around... get started...

An outstanding way to live...  not greedy, grabbing, and grumbling. There are plenty of other such people in our world. Don't be one of them.

I spoke about this one earlier, but thought so much about it, that I added it for emphasis.

Stay tuned for the next post that helps you understand what it will be like to put these 7 (or 8) practices in place.

In Christ,
Pastor Brian Rice
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