Perspectives on Missions

We just finished celebrating Christmas - the greatest missional event in history.

The famous missionary David Livingstone said, "God only had one Son. He made him a missionary."

Missions is in every book of the Bible.
Missions is in the heart of God.
Missions is core to Living Word.

Our Christmas Eve offering is taken because we love our missional partners who are working locally and globally.

Living Word has had a deep and sustained commitment to Global Missions from our founding.

One of our goals is to help each person in our congregation become a World Christian. That is - a Christian who has God's heart for the world.

There is so much to learn about missions. And there is a great opportunity for you to really increase your knowledge about global missions...

Treat yourself to a big upgrade in being a missional follower of Jesus. Take the Perspectives course...

For many years, a very substantial course on missions has been available in York. It is the Perspectives course that is offered all over our country.

This year, Living Word is hosting the Perspectives course.

Here is the LINK FOR YORK and the class that starts in January. 

The details for starting date and time are included below.

 Perspectives is a high quality (college level) course but presented in such a way as to be fully accessible to all who will do some reading, thinking, and participating in the course.

Many years ago, when the core book was first released, I read it cover to cover and it was a major leap in my understanding of global missions.

You will enjoy the variety of presenters (all with missional experience and background), as well as the conversations with fellow participants.

Living Word is able to subsidize some of the cost for those in our congregation who want to take Perspectives.

If you have any questions, you can learn more at the website or by contacting Stephen Grames at 717.755.0089 x 132 or

Pastor Brian Rice
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