Martin Luther King, Jr.

I have immense respect for Dr. Martin Luther King,, Jr.

I have read several books by him.
I have probably read 20+ sermons.
I have watched many of his speeches online.
I have read articles on the leadership way of MLK.

More than ever we need the wisdom, the courage, and the grace of Dr. King.

And the importance of MLK, Jr. continues.

I think many of you know I do a lot of reading on American presidents, about American history, and on politics. Presidents, history, and politics are inseparably connected.

I am always a little (really a lot) confused when evangelical Christians get nervous about racial issues. Of all people, we should be the ones leading the way to have bold, wise, activating conversations about the problems and challenges of race in our nation.

It is a defining issue in our nation's history.

A Civil War... (and Abraham Lincoln)
Reconstruction (and its failure) and President Grant who worked hard at making it work...
Jim Crow laws...
Race Riots of the 1960s...
Civil Rights movement (its successes and failures)...
Black Power movement...
Rodney King and the LA riot of 1992...
George Floyd of 2020 (along with others) and the inner city riots...
and of course the newest manifestations of black activist groups in the United States and the corresponding reactionary movements...

RACE has been, is, and will continue to be a challenging issue in our nation.

Why would  Christians, who are called to be peacemakers, and who believe that in Jesus Christ the old dividing walls of hostility NOT BE at the forefront of sustained efforts of healing, peace, and justice?

What would Jesus do and  what would Jesus say to HIS Church?

I will not even pretend to try to give some answers and advice about race and racial tension in this post. It is complicated. It is easier to admit the severe injustice against black people. It is much harder to know the best and right way forward.

But I do know Christians should be faithfully and courageously leading the way and not setting up obstacles or dragging our feet.

I also know that every time I read words from MLK, Jr. I find hope, forgiveness, and energy to press on with his dream.

I have a dream that my four little children will one day live in a nation where they will not be judged by the color of their skin, but by the content of their character.
MLK, Jr.


Here is a nice article on lessons we can learn
from the life and work of MLK,Jr.

And if you would like to read a short article on lessons of leadership
we can learn from Martin Luther King, Jr.   CLICK HERE.

I am grateful that Living Word has always tried to be involved in racial relationships and reconciliation...

My prayer is that our best efforts at doing this are in the season ahead.

The way we maximize by remembering the meaning of everyone of our national holidays is to spend some time remembering, learning, reflecting, and committing ourselves once again to the better future God desires for all his people.

Pastor Brian Rice