Being a Young Adult means experiencing regular times of uncertainty and transition, which, at their core, usually come down to three basic questions: Who Am I? Where do I belong? What difference can I make? We want to help you find opportunities to answer those questions and experience the kind of community that both supports you and allows you to grow in faith together.  


Community is something most of us want, but it can be a difficult thing to find. Whether you are looking to gather with other young adults or ways to plug into the larger church body, we would love to help. “No identity is discovered in a vacuum; we cannot truly find ourselves without finding ourselves with someone.” Andy Root


Whether you are asking big life questions like “What difference can I make,” or “What does faith look like for me now”? Or you are just trying to establish stability in your job and relationships; we want to help. Each event listed here is an opportunity, across various formats, to hear from others who have wrestled through many of these same questions.


In a world that constantly pressures you to “be yourself,” the question of “who am I” can quickly become overwhelming. We believe faith in Jesus shows a better way to answer that question by discovering who God made you to be. Whether you are just starting to explore faith or want to grow your faith deeper, everything listed here is an opportunity to explore what that looks like.


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