Welcome to Living Word's New Website

We live in a world of information. Lots and lots of information.
We live in a world of internet and social media venues to get the information we need.
Living Word has lots of information we provide so you can maximize the benefits of being a part of our church. 

We have been working for some time to enhance the way we get the most important information and resources to you, which is why our church app has become increasingly important. We always have our phones with us. You can access the many resources LWCC has whenever you want.

And while the app is vital, so is our website. We have an upgraded and updated website we have just launched. It has many of the previous features, as well as some new ones.

6 Upgrades on our New Website

 1. The new website is fully integrated with our church app. If you don't have the app, GO HERE TO DOWNLOAD it.

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 2. The new website has a cleaner look and is more streamlined. It is much easier for us to communicate the most important information to you. It is also easier to find what you are looking for.
3. The new website is organized to highlight our CORE FOUR WORDS. The four main things we want to see happen in your life are:
Connect with others - you need healthy relationships.
Grow in maturity - as a follower of Jesus and a lover of God.
Serve - the body of  Christ, the local church, using your gifts to make a difference within Living  Word.
Reach - out to the world around you, locally and globally.
4. The church calendar is easier to use.
 5. The staff directory (and this is one of the most visited pages on the website) has videos to introduce our staff, as well as up-to-date profiles of our staff and their ministry.
 6. It is easier to learn about our local and global ministry partners, and it is easier for you to connect with them and be involved in a REACH project.
Look around. Click the links and icons. Enable blog notifications to stay in touch with some of the latest thoughts from myself and other Living Word staff.

Grace and Peace,
Pastor Brian Rice