M2M (formerly Mom to Mom)

Mom life is more demanding than ever with many moms describing it as tiring, discouraging, stressful and often feeling overwhelmed, overloaded, or overlooked. You are not alone. We are here for you, and we care. And God is here for you, and he cares.

At M2M we value uniquely created moms, one-of-a-kind kids, great food, gracious hospitality, and genuine community. There is no book to purchase, just real-live teaching (and some videos) on real-life issues (e.g., challenging relationships, kids and technology, where do I go to fill up when I am on empty?)
M2M MEETS THE 1ST AND 3RD TUESDAYS OF EACH MONTH, 9:30-11:30 AM IN COMMON GROUNDS. All moms of young children are welcome.

Registration for M2M is now closed. To be added to a waiting list, please contact Lisa Long.

PLEASE NOTE: By registering you are agreeing to provide childcare with your table group on one designated Tuesday morning during the 2023-2024 M2M season.

Fall session: Sept. 19–Dec. 5, 2023
Winter/spring session: Jan. 16–April 16, 2024

Childcare is now closed. Please contact Kristen Kunce with any questions.