Merge is a women’s mid-size community Bible study including large group teaching, small group discussion for deeper growth and closer relational connectedness, and prayer. All women ages 18+ are welcome.


M2M is designed for moms who desire to raise their children God's way.  Being a mom is stressful. In this mid-size community there is live teaching on relevant topics for moms of young children and small group discussion led by seasoned moms. All moms with kids under the age of 18 are welcome.

Life Groups

Doing Life Together is vital to the well-being of the church. Jesus called Christians to gather, to break bread, to serve each other, and to reach out to impact others by sharing the good news of Christ. At Living Word, LifeGroups are designed to fulfill the mission of Christ in community. 

Wander with Wonder

Join us for walks in the park with encouraging talks on Wednesday mornings throughout the summer beginning June 8 through August 24. 

Living Inside the Lord's Prayer

A free online, self-paced individual or group study from Renovare, available to anyone (not only for women) ages 16+. 




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