The Reason the Son of God Appeared...
on December 21st, 2022
Do you want to know the real reason Christ was born?  Read More
Christmas, It's Not About Us
on December 14th, 2022
Do you really want to enter into the meaning of Christmas and the "spirit" of this holiday?  Read More
Christmas Eve Family Service
on December 11th, 2022
What' is the best service for families with children, so that the children have a wonderful experience of Christmas Eve at church?  Read More
Remembering Those We Have Lost and Miss
on December 6th, 2022
Are you missing someone who is no longer in your life this Christmas? We have a way for you to remember them.  Read More
Christmas Sunday
on December 4th, 2022
Here is the up-to-date information about services on Christmas Sunday.  Read More
Have Yourself a Radical Christmas
on December 2nd, 2022
What if Christmas is much more radical than we think? What if Christmas is the invasion of Heaven on Earth? What if...?  Read More
on December 1st, 2022
Home Alone. It's not just a movie. It is our experience.   Read More
Still Thanksgiving (Giving Thanks)
on November 28th, 2022
Why settle for a DAY of thanksgiving when it can be a WAY OF LIFE?  Read More
Don't Miss Jesus
on November 26th, 2022
Are you looking for practical ways to keep Jesus as the Reason for the Season? Read on for nine ways (plus one) to be sure you won't miss Jesus this Christmas.   Read More
Sendafa Ethiopia
on November 15th, 2022
God is on the move in Ethiopia. We have been a part of God's work in places like Sendafa.   Read More
on November 14th, 2022
It's been said that "Democracy is the worst form of government, except for all the others!" You can find out who said that in today's post. I am grateful for democracy and aware of its problems. Here are some great quotes on democracy and some of the real problems we face.  Read More
What Matters and What Doesn't: Sermon Notes
on November 13th, 2022
Keep on doing what you've always done and you will keep on getting what you've always got. It is time to STOP DOING what isn't working and START DOING what will work.   Read More

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