Still Thanksgiving (Giving Thanks)
on November 28th, 2022
Why settle for a DAY of thanksgiving when it can be a WAY OF LIFE?  Read More
Don't Miss Jesus
on November 26th, 2022
Are you looking for practical ways to keep Jesus as the Reason for the Season? Read on for nine ways (plus one) to be sure you won't miss Jesus this Christmas.   Read More
Sendafa Ethiopia
on November 15th, 2022
God is on the move in Ethiopia. We have been a part of God's work in places like Sendafa.   Read More
on November 14th, 2022
It's been said that "Democracy is the worst form of government, except for all the others!" You can find out who said that in today's post. I am grateful for democracy and aware of its problems. Here are some great quotes on democracy and some of the real problems we face.  Read More
What Matters and What Doesn't: Sermon Notes
on November 13th, 2022
Keep on doing what you've always done and you will keep on getting what you've always got. It is time to STOP DOING what isn't working and START DOING what will work.   Read More
Your Vote Matters
on November 8th, 2022
Do you want to read some great thoughts on voting... and what it means to be a "political Christian?" Read on...  Read More
Be Kind
on November 3rd, 2022
It makes the world go around. It makes life a lot easier. You need it...everyone needs it. It is simple and it works wonders. Oh yes, and you can do it too.  Read More
How Far?
on October 20th, 2022
Did you ever wonder how far you can go, how good you can be, how much you can accomplish? And what might be holding you back?  Read More
Finding (and Losing) Your Self
on October 18th, 2022
Who are you? What are you? Do you know yourself? Are you searching? What will you find?   Read More
Lessons From a Hamstring
on October 13th, 2022
Why don't we see as much change and growth, development and improvement as we want?   Read More
The Sad State of Theology
on October 12th, 2022
Loving God with all your mind and theology... what is the connection and what difference does theology make?  Read More
Aging Wisely
on October 11th, 2022
Getting older is not an option. Aging wisely and well is. If you want to learn more about how you and those you love can age wisely and well, check out this resource.  Read More

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